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Introducing nupay.io, White Label Pre-Pay Platform

Introducing nupay.io, White Label Pre-Pay Platform

nupay.io is a white label closed loop, pre-pay payment platform created to fill the need for a low cost, mobile-focused payment service.  nupay.io is available as co-branded, or completely client branded.  The platform is highly flexible and offers private or collaborative programmes capable of servicing Reloadable and Gift Card services.

nupay.io includes a suite of user and administration portals for web browser, mobile app and payment terminals (Ingenico, Castles and Android, with APIs available for any other integration including EPOS).  The suite of features includes flexible programme settings, fees and restrictions to meet any kind of programme.  It even includes Peer to Peer Money transfers, making the platform ideal for Mobile Money and Remittance applications.

Service Parameters include:

  • Single Load (Gift) or Reloadable
  • Daily, Monthly, Annual limits on load and spend
  • Use limitations for retail, ‘ATM’ and online
  • Multi-Identification Types, including Contactless, Magnetic Stripe, Social Media Account, Mobile Number, etc
  • Pre-Pay or Limited Credit
  • White List and Black List for Off-Line use and Settlement

Programme Fees include the fully optional and configurable:

  • Load and Spend Fees
  • Monthly Service Fee
  • Money Transfer Fee
  • ATM Use Fee
  • and many more…!

The nupay.io service is built on powerful, but simple APIs for Merchants, Consumer Apps and Management, giving clients the option to either use the White Label version, or implementations integrated fully into their own systems.

Contact Us today to learn more about nupay.io and how we can build an industry leading platform for your needs.

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