Bond Manager

Bond Manager is a suite of services built around a single portal for complete management of corporate bond issuance, closure and operations.

Not only does it feature a flexible ‘bond CRM’, but it also serves as a fully integrated secure document manager and distribution service, including team notifications, watermarking and password control.

The suite’s workflow and regulatory compliance engine ensures that stakeholders are notified of sign-off and compliance requirements, as well as recurring commitments from the regulator.

In addition, the suite features an integrated Bond Showcase home page for media, contact forms, teaser documents and  announcements.

If you are seeking to speed up your bond issuance operations and reduce the overheads and compliance risks to your business, then we recommend you contact us for a product demonstration.

Data Capture & Distribution

At the heart of the Bond Manager platform is a CRM focused on the management of the users and roles involved. Access rights and communications channels are maintained to ensure secure data sharing. The result is that the right people see the right data.

Secure Document Management

Access Rights also maintain control of document distribution into our secure document server. Here, access to documents is managed and audited alongside watermarking and unique password controls. In addition, the platform can optionally create an immutable baseline of the finalised document set through the use of Private and Public Blockchain technology.

Workflow for Notification & Publication

To ensure the smooth operation of the Bond of its full lifetime, the platform also uses a rules engine to manage notifications and alerts. Here, associated users are kept up to date on their responsibilities in the process and managers are automatically reminded of any outstanding tasks both during and after a Bond is issued.

Regulatory Compliance

The platform has been designed and hosted with the highest levels of security and data management principles to ensure data management, document sharing and operational tasks are all performed within regulatory compliant limits.

Bond Manager is offered as a fully hosted and managed service, complete with data management, 24/7 oversight, service desk and knowledge base.  Our delivery service includes a fully customised, branded delivery of the core product, giving it a bespoke feel which matches your company culture.

An expansive set of User Groups and Access Controls will allow you to share secure access to the portal with Agents, Issuers and Holders in a secure and audited manner, giving you the highest level of corporate and regulatory oversight of your bond.

The platform also includes a number of useful integrations, more of which can be added as a professional service.  Existing integrations include:

  • Insightly CRM Contact and Journal Updates 
  • CBond and Xignite Market Data Import
  • Cloud Document Sync Repository
  • Excel, PDF and Word Exports
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